The Charles Weston

May 10, 2015

The Charles Weston Hotel ticks all the boxes for a local pub for me: it has a relaxed low-key feel to it, being a bit back from the busyness of Sydney Road; it has good beer and pub food; and it has character.


It used to be called the Sporting Club, which I imagine led to all sorts of confusion for Brunswick sporting enthusiasts as I don’t believe it has a big screen TV, let alone screens AFL, rugby, sumo-wrestling, curling or other sports-type activities. (Side note: does curling classify as a sport? If there was a pub that screened curling while serving beer on tap, I’m there.)

The Charles Weston’s current name comes from its location, on the corner of Charles Street and Weston Street. I found out recently that the team behind them is the same team behind the Edinburgh Castle in Brunswick (which I love) and the Wesley Anne in Northcote (which I’ve yet to try).

From the outside, the Charles Weston looks like your usual backstreet pub. 

 The Charles Weston Hotel, 27 Weston Street, Brunswick

Step inside, and you feel like you’ve wandered into an eccentric old gentleman’s study, with a fireplace, mismatched but comfortable couches, a rug hanging over the bar and paintings haphazardly dotting the walls. There are several different rooms or areas in the pub, including a beer garden, a larger dining area and a few other drinking spaces tucked into corners of the building.

The inside of the Charles Weston Hotel

One of the bars at the Charles Weston Hotel

There is a range of good beers on tap (give me a Mountain Goat Steam Ale and I’m happy) and there was even spiced mead last time I went!

The pub has a relaxed, laid-back, warming and slightly random feel about it. Its character is a little of the same. I’ve seen reviews that complain about the food and service but in my view, it’s part of its relaxed feel and charm. It’s the kind of place you can sit and nurse a cold beer, fritter away the evening with some friends chatting about nothing in particular and enjoy your hearty pub grub in enough time to order another beer.

One of the meals we've had at the Charles Weston, the vegetarian gnocchi

The patrons of the Charles Weston are always a pretty diverse crowd: old and young, solo diners and couples on dates, noisy groups and families. Sometimes we’ll go in and it’ll be pretty quiet, which is a shame.

It has some good food specials including $11.99 roo and a wine on Mondays, $10 burger and fries on Tuesday nights and $10 all-you-can-eat paella on Saturday afternoons (1-3pm).

I like the Charles Weston. It’s not five star food or service, and wouldn’t claim to be. It’s a great neighbourhood pub and, like the best things in Brunswick, isn’t perfect, is a bit quirky and has a lot of character.

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